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4 Reasons Public Speaking is Critical for Successful Business

Posted by PowerSpeaking, Inc.

Jun 1, 2017 5:31:20 PM

Imagine it. You’re walking across a large empty stage, steps echoing, toward a brightly lit lectern with microphone at the ready. Palms sweating yet? You’re not alone! Public speaking, for many, represents a roadblock to their careers—and it doesn’t have to be that way. For entrepreneurs, this is the most critical tool needed to develop for a successful career track. Finding the confidence and ease to communicate with others can become a personal strength if you develop it.

For senior management the benefit for developing leadership skills seems obvious. It makes sense that if you represent a brand at a senior level, your actions will be observed and potentially followed by others. In reality, improving communication skills can improve the career path of any employee regardless of rank and should be viewed as a requirement for seeking success! By developing your public speaking abilities, your career and business can flourish in a number of ways:

It builds capacity to be a leader

Training to communicate effectively with others will help your ability to think on your feet, and provides more time to problem solve in the moment. From fielding interview questions to helping you provide outstanding customer service, impromptu conversation skills are critical and will demonstrate an ability to manage yourself—and potentially others!

Leadership is marked by an ability to accomplish tasks while inspiring and motivating others to do the same. By improving how you observe your audience and speak with sensitivity, others will view you as more of a leader.

 It builds connection

Ten years ago, Steve Jobs captivated the world with presentations that gave the audience a chance to connect with more than just the Apple devices. He inspired the audience by sharing his humanity and his passion for the brand. That human element is what audiences seek most and need for brand loyalty.

The same is true for employees and managers. There needs to be an inherent sense of purpose that connects to the larger success of the brand. Otherwise, complacency stays in and productivity seeps out, subtly stunting business growth. Employees who feel disengaged or undervalued, are less motivated and more likely to leave. By speaking regularly on behalf of the business, lower-level employees can experience how and where their efforts relate to the success of the company overall.

 Public speaking clarifies the message

Speaking engagements should be viewed as just that, opportunities to continue to deliver the brand message. They are opportunities to distill the message, value or product of your brand to the audience in a simple and clear manner. Public presentations can influence the brand image, and provide a platform to convey core values. Learning how to convey passion and vulnerability in the right moments allows audiences to relate to the brand on a human level. 

Speaking sets the tone

It’s commencement season, a time when institutions select messages to inspire. These public speakers often reflect the values of the establishment they represent, as their messages are intended to motivate the graduates in the steps ahead. This inspirational effect is the same for anyone speaking up. The speaker’s physical presence and style all set the stage for what the audience comes to think of as normal for that brand itself. This means management has the ability to influence culture and workplace norms for employees—whether the brand is laid back, assertive or formal can be assisted in the way presentations convey the brand.

Regardless of career position, communication skills can improve anyone’s path. Don’t let the lack of public speaking skills redirect your career path. Take charge, find us online and learn more about public offerings. Registration for summer courses, now open!

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