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Bolster Your Visuals to Give Life to Your Talk

Posted by David Binder

Jul 8, 2013 1:00:00 PM

Does the thought of sitting through another hour-long PowerPoint presentation make your head swim dreaming about dozens of other ways you could spend those 60 minutes?


You know that when you present, you are ALWAYS more important than the visuals. You want the audience to be focused on YOU and what you have to tell them.   


When used effectively, PowerPoint is a great tool that can support your presentation. Unfortunately, too many of us use it as THE presentation. Check out and use these 10 Tips for Leveraging the Power of Powerpoint, created by the experts at PowerSpeaking, Inc.


Tip #5 describes the eight (yes, only eight!) best uses of PowerPoint slides. This will help prevent you from putting everything that comes out of your mouth in bullet points.


Speaking of bullet points, use them sparingly! See Tip #7 to find out why.


If you are worried that your audience needs documentation of your talk, see Tip #8. That's why Microsoft created Word.


We promise - if you use these tips when preparing for your next presentation, you will differentiate yourself and blow your audience away!


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