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Crafting Credible Messaging to Drive Business Performance: The Launch of SalesSpeaking

by PowerSpeaking, Inc.     Sep 22, 2017 9:33:24 AM

This month marks the release of our newest communication skills program: SalesSpeaking©. This single-day program is designed for any representative presenting to clients at every phase of the sales cycle. 

Effective messaging skills are crucial for sales representatives. To become a dependable dealmaker it's pivotal for the sales presenter to have adequate communication and listening techniques to move the conversation forward.  

Crafting the path to becoming a successful sales representative is not easy to do alone. You can use evidence and observe what others do to find success — but it’s rarely going to happen quickly. Successful salespeople understand it is their job to convey the brand values along with their products. With SalesSpeaking, we provide strategies to employ immediately for all stages of the sales cycle. Similar to other PowerSpeaking, Inc. programs, SalesSpeaking is led by two esteemed facilitators with practical sales experience. It includes recorded individual and small-group feedback to ensure each participant learns what they need most to improve. SalesSpeaking includes evidence-based activities and was developed with contribution from industry leaders. In addition, over 50 Silicon Valley executives were interviewed for tips and insight on their process of becoming a successful salesperson. 

In 30 years of experience, we have identified the needs of sales presenters to be unique from other forms of presentation techniques. Sales communication takes the ability to build trust, rapport and align messaging with the customer’s goals across a variety of points. This requires a flexibility and degree of self-awareness that directed us toward creating the SalesSpeaking program. Communication skills training may seem like a soft skill that doesn’t drive business performance, when it is anything but. Sales representatives are responsible for upholding the brand image and conveying relevant products to customers. This requires the ability to listen and present in a dynamic way that reflects the flow of communication and customer needs.

Understanding what makes customers and their job functions unique can help sales people in communicating at all stages of the sales cycle. Learn techniques to move the conversation forward with simple, evidence-based solutions. 

During the SalesSpeaking© program, learn to:

• Prepare for sales conversations using audience analysis and research tools. 

• Identify guidance and leverage a coach. 

• Align messaging to customer goals. 

• Deepen listening skills, reading the room and steering conversation. 

• Utilize a flexible framework to communicate and avoid the “data dump”.   

• Summarize for clarity, increase engagement and build trust. 

• Develop questions that move conversations forward. 

• Anticipate and plan for questions.

• Build trust and demonstrate confidence through non-verbal language. 

• Create and deliver a compelling elevator pitch.  

Become a masterful communicator to potential and current clients with SalesSpeaking©.  

Join us September 28 (http://meetu.ps/e/DfsN1/C152x/fat the Bay Club Redwood Shores to celebrate the release! Registration for SalesSpeaking© during the 2017 PowerSpeaking Leadership Summit is underway with multiple site locations available. Sign up today!


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