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Crafting Holiday Speeches: Six Tips for Any Leader to Inspire

by PowerSpeaking, Inc.     Dec 14, 2017 9:09:12 AM

A holiday party is the perfect time to express appreciation! Take time to inspire your team by crafting a holiday talk that sets up a revitalized team in the new year. Here are six tips any leader can use to create a memorable moment. 

1) Show respect for the situation — While remarks from the team leader are anticipated, the expressed sentiments should be a time of community and a recognition all the hard work done by the team. Maintain a style and tone that is appreciative and respectful. 

2) Express gratitude  Recognize the efforts made in the past year, regardless of the economic climate. Identify projects every team member should be proud of, and highlight exciting opportunities ahead. Take time to acknowledge individual team members by name and their specific achievements. 

3) Practice — You’ll hear this a lot! (see Five Tips for Crafting Inspirational Speeches and Inside Advice From a Professional Speaking Coach). Practice will help make sure you are “in the moment” and prepared to have fun. 

4) Utilize Style and Tone — It might be appropriate to bring up a challenge from the year but couple it with the solution and how the team worked together. The pride of the moment will help carry the message of connection. 

5) Be genuine — Showing a bit of the your authentic self to the group is expected in a setting like this.  Convey a true emotion that reflects on the year and don’t force a certain attitude. Now’s the time to shine a little light on why you’re proud to lead the team! 

6) Use humor and repetition  Be careful of joke telling, but don’t be afraid to have a good time. In addition, the theme can be woven together to drive home your message.

Giving a holiday speech as a leader is an opportunity to inspire the team. Your attitude and talking points have impact and even a few remarks can be memorable in the year ahead. You are the premier ambassador: walk in, appreciate the team, smile and make sure everyone is having an enjoyable time. Your words will make a difference!

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