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Give Me a Map and I’ll Follow You Anywhere

by PowerSpeaking, Inc.     Apr 11, 2018 1:06:17 PM

The journey: You’re in management at a company that has been honing its expertise and services for decades, using a business model and methodology that has served you well. Now, a new technology trend in your industry almost demands that you make big changes to the way you do business if you want to stay competitive. You decide to dive in, and boy is it exciting at first. But then, things get a little painful.

Turns out, launching a new way of doing business is much more complicated and broad in scope than you’d thought. The right way to do it is to take the time to involve all of your key stakeholders in the change by getting their feedback, understanding how it might impact them, and using that information to plan and ultimately get everyone’s buy-in. Remember, when you shake up the organization with change, what you’re saying to people is, “Follow me!” People respond much better when they understand the context, reasoning and roadmap for any new journey.

As an organization, you can reach a point where you’re struggling with the complexities of introducing change, largely because there are more unknowns than you had anticipated. We recently ran into such a challenge at PowerSpeaking, Inc when launching a host of new online training offerings. Here’s what helped us make a much-needed course correction: a map that guided us through the inevitable dynamics and consequences of change. The “map” took the form of a list of 12 simple (and not so simple) questions* to ask yourself when you’re about to shake up your, or somebody else’s world:

  1. Why is this change being made?
  2. What would happen if no change were made?
  3. What is the scope of the change?
  4. Who is impacted the most? the least?
  5. How will work processes change?
  6. How will our customers experience change?
  7. How will we be more competitive?
  8. How will technology change?
  9. How will this change impact our financial performance?
  10. How will the culture and values of the organization change?
  11. How long will it take to implement this change?
  12. What barriers or obstacles do you foresee?

Using this list of questions can help you map out a more thoughtful, comprehensive (and welcomed) approach to change at the outset, or it can help you evaluate your progress at any point in the process.

We’re going to explore more aspects of the dynamics of change and how leaders can navigate them successfully through world-class communication and execution, in future blogs. Stay tuned . . .

*Ref: Prosci-ADKAR Model/ https://www.prosci.com/adkar/adkar-model

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