Please join us for this invitation-only showcase of our PREP Framework, a powerful tool that guides people through a best-practice model for clear, confident, high-impact communication.

In this 60-minute Showcase, you and other select leaders and influencers will:

  • Learn the 4 essential steps of the PREP Framework.
  • Experience firsthand how the tool can help anyone in your organization get an idea across clearly in 30 seconds.
  • Explore with peers how to solve common business problems caused by ineffective communication.
  • Walk away with a powerful framework to clearly share your message with anyone, anytime.

This invitation is being  extended to a small group of clients and associates, so the learning experience will be focused on crafting your individual message.

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Meet the Facilitators


Melinda McGrath

Business Development and Master Facilitator

  • Former HR Vice President, corporate background spanning human resources, sales, and marketing
  • Global communication instructor, coach, and organizational strategist
  • Taught public speaking and communication skills at multiple universities


Sarah Palmer

Director Business Development in Europe and Master Facilitator

  • Corporate background spanning legal, sales, and marketing
  • Wealth of global conference speaking experience
  • Specializes in coaching, training, and leadership