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8 Tips on Delivering Effective Visual Aids

 This is the final chapter of our Holy Grail: 50 Tips for Speaking Up: Speaking to Decision Makers. 

In this chapter we look at visual aids. What are your three essential slides?


10 Tips On Confident, Credible Delivery

This is the third chapter of our four-part series, tips for Speaking to Decision Makers. 

We hear a lot about Executive Presence these days--that amalgam of trust


Care and Feeding of Your Voice

You have an important presentation two days away. Your throat is scratchy and your voice feels weak. What’s causing the problem and what can you do for instant remedy?


Eight Tips on How to Moderate a Panel Discussion

John: “This has got to be the most boring panel I’ve ever heard.”
Bill: “That first speaker went on for 15 minutes. Why didn’t somebody stop him?”

Ensure Success by Staging a Dry Run

The Apollo moon shots were off course 90% of the time— and yet they always reached their destination (except Apollo 13).


How to Beat the Snooze Factor

Ever been so bored or distracted by a speaker that you would give anything to stretch out for a little siesta?


The Perils of Adrenalin: 35 Proven Strategies of Turning Anxiety Into Positive Energy

“I know the content but I don’t like delivering it.”
“It’s not for the faint-hearted. I fight the feeling of panic.”

Women's Language, Women's Power

It is budget time. Several decision makers watch as a female walks to the front, smiles and begins her presentation.


The Technical Presenter's Dilemma: Presenting to Mixed Audiences

 You're a technical expert with a critical presentation to give. You walk into the room and see your peers in the front rows while your management team outlines the periphery.


Set Yourself Apart as an Extraordinary Conference Speaker

You have just been invited to speak at a major conference of your most important customers. How can you prepare and deliver an outstanding presentation for such an important audience?



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