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Walk the Talk: What’s the problem with that phrase?

During his all-hands meeting on a visit to Beijing, a VP repeated the message of his presentation many times: “Walk the talk.”

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Five Lessons from the Heart: Writing a Eulogy

Contributed for PowerSpeaking, Inc. by Susan Almazol

In the midst of my grief a few years ago, I faced the daunting task of crafting

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Six Strategies for How To Control Timing

You're the third speaker for a morning briefing. You're scheduled to come on at 11:20 AM, just before lunch. The first speaker is the VP of Sales and Marketing.

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15 Tips: How to Prepare for a Last Minute Presentation

Did you just find out that you need to give a presentation in 90 minutes? Here are a few easy and effective tips to help organize and present that next mission-critical presentation.

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