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Wisdom for Women: Make Yourself Heard

Posted by PowerSpeaking, Inc.

Oct 26, 2020 11:31:10 AM


We answer your questions, Part 3 of 5:

“Can you share some tips on how to make the female voice stronger?”

PowerSpeaking, Inc. Master Facilitator Sarah Palmer has wisdom to share.

It’s a well-known fact that speaking powerfully and effectively is better for your career than working hard.  Here’s how to make yourself heard:

You have a voice. Use it.  Making your voice stronger is not just about volume and gravitas; it’s also about claiming airtime. So often, women let others speak first before joining in. This needs to change. There is a reason you have been invited to that meeting, so use on-ramps to get in on the conversation:  “I’d like to add…,” “Let me build on what Leslie is saying...,” etcetera.

Get to the Point. Long sentences are difficult to follow. They weaken your argument and can confuse your audience. Make your point in a short declarative statement. Then stop. Don’t keep talking!

Avoid Up-Talk. When you add that questioning lilt at the end of a sentence, it sounds as if you are not convinced about what you’re saying. And frankly, listening to up-talk is irritating and tiring. A voice that holds steady or goes down in pitch at the end of a sentence is stronger and more convincing.

Experiment with Your Voice. Pitch and voice projection make a huge difference in your impact as a speaker and communicator. Few of us have been trained in how to vary our voices for different effects and settings. Aim to lower your pitch to create power in your voice. You can do this by speaking from your core, not your throat or chest. Top Tip: Sing along with your favorite singer and record yourself. Really go for those lower notes. You’ll soon realize your range is wider than you thought.

Final advice:  Own your power, speak your truth. The world is waiting to hear your voice.


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