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Stealth Strategies for Calmer, More Confident Presentations

Nerves impact everyone and are often the #1 reason people seek help for their presentations. How do you tame the butterflies in your stomach? Or avoid the ‘melt down’ feeling right before a talk? We offer 5 simple tips for before you even get in the presentation room. We call them Stealth Strategies for calmer, more confident presentations, since you do them way ahead of the talk.



6 Tips to Take Your Presentation to the Next Level in 2016

Building your Presentation Skills Muscles in 2016

With a new year upon us, most of us resolve to eat healthier, visit the gym, do more yoga or set other goals. 2016 also offers a chance to strengthen habits and skills for presentations during the coming year. Here are 6 easy, fun tips to take your presentation skills to the next level in 2016.



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