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Janell Payne, Master Facilitator and Coach

Janell Payne’s self-described mantra is, “Improvement Doesn’t Come From Comfort Zones.” She guides seasoned leaders and developing professionals to elevate their executive presence, while honoring their authentic style.

Janell began her career as a post-production coordinator and communication liaison at MTV. She has lectured for the Communication Studies Department at San Jose State University as well as a number of other San Francisco Bay Area colleges. She is passionate about coaching individuals to focus on their strengths so they can leverage those strengths in their daily communication with others (personal, professional, informal, and formal).

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6 Top Communication Skills You Need to Succeed

Communication Best

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”— George Bernard Shaw, dramatist & critic

Today we text, instant message, email, Slack, ping, present, Zoom, and occasionally meet in person, but how often do we really communicate—and do it well?

Yes, the technical skills you’ve worked so hard to hone are critical to your success, but more and more, companies are realizing that powerful communication skills are just as important.

Consider some recent research . . .

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