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Business Storytelling: Collecting, Cataloging, and Calling Forth a Narrative

At the core of every insightful presentation is a story. Human beings naturally seek out a narrative.

But the process of becoming a storyteller doesn't start with writing and rehearsing the presentation; it begins in observations of everyday life.



PowerSpeaking eBook Preview: Narrative Evidence and Analytical Evidence

Coming soon, PowerSpeaking will be releasing its latest eBook "Narrative Evidence: Bringing Your Data to Life with Storytelling." The eBook is designed to act as an introduction for subject-matter experts to the importance of constructing a compelling, engaging narrative to aid in presentations. In anticipation of the eBook's release, we wanted to explore one of the central concepts of both the eBook and our HighTechSpeaking® program: the value of narrative evidence to support the value of anecdotal evidence to provide greater understanding and meaning of dense data.



Avoiding Tough, Idiom-Filled Business Clichés

“We have the best b2b killer app on the planet. It is to die for. In my face time with customers they said this is a no brainer.


Walk the Talk: What’s the problem with that phrase?

During his all-hands meeting on a visit to Beijing, a VP repeated the message of his presentation many times: “Walk the talk.”


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