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Master Tough Questions in Four Steps

 It probably has happened to you during one of your presentations: a difficult question you did not expect, asked in a challenging tone. 

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Speech Clarity Opens Career Doors

If English is your second (or third or fourth)  language and you want to know if your speech clarity is a problem for you at work, consider the following questions:

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15 Tips: How to Prepare for a Last Minute Presentation

Did you just find out that you need to give a presentation in 90 minutes? Here are a few easy and effective tips to help organize and present that next mission-critical presentation.

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Learn How Buzz & Acronyms can Ruin your presentation

Recently, one of my Facebook friends posted this sentiment:

“It is official: I now detest the buzz phrase ‘create insights’ more than ‘outside the box’ or ‘paradigm shift’   Excuse me while I go take some Pepto-Bismol.”

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Best Graduation Speech Ever!

graduation hats

Spring was the time for graduation, and that meant graduation speeches.

How many did you sit through this year?

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