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Is Your Audience Listening?

Here’s the scene: Eight business people sitting around a conference room table. Half of them are heads down, checking their smart phones. One is flipping through paperwork, and another is doodling. A couple of them are talking to each other. And there you are, standing at the head of the table, halfway through your presentation. Ouch.

Capturing and holding people’s attention is a science and an art form that can be learned. Read on for our best tips. . .


The Value of Discomfort and Dissonance in Presentations

We live in a world of immediate gratification, constant engagement and the never-ending pursuit of comfort. From our abiding attachment to the smartphones we collectively check nearly 8 billion times a day to the streaming music and video services that provide us 24/7 access to the media we love on demand, effective presentation skills rely on pulling people's focus from these distractions and getting them to actively listen. If it is a topic built around data knowledge and subject matter expertise, this can be a significant challenge.



Hook 'Em in With Impactful Openings

End of year means holiday time, and also the arrival of Oscar film season, too. Consider your favorite films, and you know that movies use great openings to hook in viewers. So too, stand out presenters craft talk openings to engage audiences and hook them in.


Whether you are prepping a quick project update to your group, for an all hands meeting or conference talk, here are 5 tips to hook ‘em in and keep them listening:


Eight Tips on How to Moderate a Panel Discussion

John: “This has got to be the most boring panel I’ve ever heard.”
Bill: “That first speaker went on for 15 minutes. Why didn’t somebody stop him?”

How to Beat the Snooze Factor

Ever been so bored or distracted by a speaker that you would give anything to stretch out for a little siesta?


Set Yourself Apart as an Extraordinary Conference Speaker

You have just been invited to speak at a major conference of your most important customers. How can you prepare and deliver an outstanding presentation for such an important audience?



Do Pushups, Fold Laundry

According to brain research reported by psychologist Tony Buzan, there are Five Factors that can increase our audiences' retention of what we say:


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