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Is Your Audience Listening?

Here’s the scene: Eight business people sitting around a conference room table. Half of them are heads down, checking their smart phones. One is flipping through paperwork, and another is doodling. A couple of them are talking to each other. And there you are, standing at the head of the table, halfway through your presentation. Ouch.

Capturing and holding people’s attention is a science and an art form that can be learned. Read on for our best tips. . .

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16 Tips for Improvisational and Listening Skills

We continue our series of proven tips for Speaking to Decision Makers. 

You're prepared. Your data is scrubbed. You've done your homework and aligned with your sponsor.

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Five Lessons from the Heart: Writing a Eulogy

Contributed for PowerSpeaking, Inc. by Susan Almazol

In the midst of my grief a few years ago, I faced the daunting task of crafting

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Passionate Engagement: Jazz and the Boardroom

Speaking to decision makers is a lot like jazz or stand-up comedy: improvisation is required! Things move fast. Change happens quickly.

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