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Breaking Through 'The Real Glass Ceiling': Executive Power Culture


For decades, people of all backgrounds have sought to break through what they consider a "glass ceiling" to live up to their full potential at work. Often referring to the struggle for highly qualified women to break through an invisible, unspoken barrier and achieve the highest echelon of executive leadership, the question is what gets in the way. 

There are multiple reasons that quality candidates aren't promoted when they should be. While this glass ceiling may be in response to socially held prejudices and misconceptions (relating to gender, race, sexuality, and background), the basic obstacle that stands in the way of the promotion of many to senior and executive positions is simply the culture of power that permeates the highest levels of business leadership.



Five Game-Changing Principles of Presenting Slides

What drives you bonkers with slide presentations? What are your three top frustrations?


"A Shining City on the Hill" How A Metaphor Can Touch your Audience


"All the world's a stage." (Shakespeare)


Master Tough Questions in Four Steps

 It probably has happened to you during one of your presentations: a difficult question you did not expect, asked in a challenging tone. 


What's Your Journey Line?

On February 17 Jimmy Fallon hosted his first episode of the Tonight Show.  Besides making me very happy, Jimmy did something super cool.


Do You Show Up for Work as a “Guest” or a “Host?”

Imagine you are in a new job, at a party, or attending a conference. You can choose to be a "guest," or a "host." Which are you? 

Speech Clarity Opens Career Doors

Speech Clarity Opens Career Doors

If English is your second (or third or fourth)  language and you want to know if your speech clarity is a problem for you at work, consider the following questions:


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