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Gratitude for the Master Communicators Among Us


“Be kind, be honorable, be good to one another, and committed to good citizenship and causes that matter to our communities, country, and the world ...” That was how Michael Krasny, longtime beloved host of National Public Radio’s “Forum,” signed off on his final broadcast on the morning of February 12.  

3 Top Tips to Engage Your Virtual Audience

3 Top Tips to Engage Your Virtual Audience


Have you been getting too many blank stares, awkward silences, and people multitasking during your virtual presentations or meetings? You’re certainly not alone. Getting your audience to participate and stay engaged remotely is a challenge.


4 Tips for Transformational Listening


If ever there were a time when we could all benefit from a master class in listening skills, this is it. Our worlds—work, home, the globe—become better places when we listen to each other wholly and deeply.


The Human Side of Success


It’s a new day, a new year, and I’m wondering, where do you want your career journey to take you? I ask not so much with your “technical” skills in mind, but rather, your human skills.


Zoom Fatigue Got You Down?


Who would have ever thought we’d long to sit at a conference table and meet with colleagues in person five times a day again? Zoom fatigue is real, but fortunately, we’ve got some comic relief and tips to re-engergize.


Want to Make an Impact? Communicate Like a Leader.


Here’s an inspiring truth:  We often do our best work and have the most powerful impact when we learn to let our inner leader shine. Like the best leaders, that means learning to communicate in ways that spark and encourage great ideas; drive the business forward; and build caring, compassionate working relationships.


Top 5 Tips for Holiday Toasts


Whether you're raising a glass with family at a holiday meal or with friends at a virtual happy hour, an artful, heartfelt toast makes the moment even more memorable. Here are a few tips to make the most of holiday toasts...


PowerSpeaking, Inc. Owner Wins “Spirit” Award


We know she’s rock a star—and so does everyone who connects with her. Recently, PowerSpeaking, Inc.’s Owner and President Mary McGlynn was awarded a prestigious and heartfelt “Spirit” award for her work with ISA/The Association of Learning Providers.


When Your Audience is Virtual and In-Person


We answer your questions, Part 5 of 5:

“Once we are back in the office, what is the best way to present both in-person and with a remote audience at the same time?”

PowerSpeaking, Inc. Master Facilitator Melinda McGrath offers some tips.


Stage Fright Holding You Back?


We answer your questions, Part 4 of 5:

“I have tried hypnosis to try and overcome stage fright, but nothing seems to help. My brain just doesn’t engage with my mouth when it comes my turn to present. Can you give me any suggestions to avoid this happening?”

PowerSpeaking, Inc. Master Facilitator John Warren has you covered.


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