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Are You Up to the Conference Speaking Challenge?

by PowerSpeaking, Inc.     Sep 12, 2018 12:30:17 PM

If you speak or present at a conference or convention, you have the opportunity to have an impact on hundreds, if not thousands of people at a clip. But speaking to large crowds presents its own challenges: from noise, interruptions and faulty AV equipment, to the fact that most of the people you’re trying to move are probably strangers.

And moving people is important. Even if you have rock-star content at a conference, the relationship you build with your audience in that 20, 40 or 60 minutes you’re commanding the stage is just as important. David Welsh, founding partner and CTO of House of Bricks and former Oracle executive, came away from PowerSpeaking’s first offering of its virtual ConferenceSpeaking course with that thought top of mind. “The PowerSpeaking method challenged me in a way that I desperately needed to be challenged,” he says. “We speakers are tempted to think that our content means everything, and don’t understand the emotional connection we need to make with our audiences.”

We caught up with David at VMworld 2018, where he talked to us about the skills and insights he gained from ConferenceSpeaking. Have a listen . . .



ConferenceSpeaking is a series of four 60-minute, interactive virtual courses taught by two Master Instructors.  Presenters walk away with the skills and confidence they need to convey content with impact. 

Here’s a Sampling of What You Will Learn:

  • Creating a memorable main message for the talk
  • Creating an agenda that provides the backbone of the presentation
  • Providing an opening that will grab and focus the audience
  • Using stories, analogies, and metaphors to dramatically increase retention
  • Incorporating effective delivery style with stance, gestures, vocal variety, and eye interaction
  • Developing a clear action step for the audience

Learn the best practices of conference/convention speaking from the convenience of your office or home with PowerSpeaking’s virtual ConferenceSpeaking. Contact us to register or get more information: coordinator@powerspeaking.com.

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