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Seven-Minute Abs?

by PowerSpeaking, Inc.     Jun 6, 2018 5:23:57 PM

In the hilarious comedy There’s Something About Mary, Ben Stiller picks up a deranged hitchhiker who tells him about a brilliant idea he has for a product:

                  “You heard of this thing, the Eight-Minute Abs?”
                  “Yeah sure, Eight-Minute Abs, the exercise video.”
                  “Well this is going to blow that out of the water. Listen to this: Seven. Minute. Abs.”
                  “Great…Unless, of course, someone comes up with Six-Minute Abs, in which case you’re in
                   trouble, huh?”

We can’t help but think of “Seven-Minute Abs” as we watch the “micro-learning” concept explode in training and development. The thinking seems to be, forget in-person, real-time workshops; instead, just click the “start video” button on your smart phone for a 10-minute course that will make you a TED-worthy speaker.

We think not.

Here’s what three decades of research and experience teaching public speaking have taught us: the foundation is laid in a highly interactive environment with coaches who help participants in real time. With class attendees who can learn from each other’s strengths and mistakes. With time enough to let the lessons sink in without the distractions of cell phones or office interruptions. REAL. TIME.

All of that said, we also know that quick-and-easy micro-learning works beautifully for one thing: retention. Need a refresher on how to develop your core message? A replay of how to handle tough questions? A reminder of what makes a strong close?

Perfect. Now you can click the “start” button—on PowerSpeaking’s new Plus Program micro-learning library. Each video in the library covers only one speaking skill, so you can quickly and easily review and refresh your memory of a select topic—where and when you need it. Because you were initially introduced to the skills and topics in a live PowerSpeaking foundation course, the Plus Program videos, which average 5 minutes each, help you better retain what you’ve already learned. If it’s a particularly difficult topic for you, watch the lesson again and again until it becomes “muscle memory.”  

The key to building a foundation in learning is upfront, real-time instruction. The key to retaining what you’ve learned, long-term, is repetition. We’ve designed the Plus Program with you and your employees in mind: a library of short-subject refreshers, accessed via a special code anytime, anywhere.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be completing the library and formally announcing the Plus Program. If you’d like a preview of the Plus Program library, you can contact us at coordinator@powerspeaking.com.

We can’t promise seven-minute abs, but we can help make your investment in public speaking pay off for years, with Plus Program.

 Download Seven-Minute Abs


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