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📣 We’re in the news again! 🗞 magazine profiled us after interviewing CEO Carrie Beckstrom. The article highlights our human-centered approach to public speaking, technical and executive presentations, and storytelling—and making smart use of AI.

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Presenting to Executives: 6 Strategies for Success


Senior executives have told us that 60% of the presentations made to them fail. Imagine the cost of that!

Innovative ideas that go nowhere because they weren’t presented persuasively. Projects that stall because a presenter didn’t drive a much-needed decision from the executive team. Or how about the cost of wasting corporate leaders’ time?

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We're in the News with USA TODAY!


Our popular white paper, “Circles of Light: Women’s Wisdom,” was featured in USA Today! The article highlights the work we’ve done over the years to help women advance by becoming more confident, powerful communicators—including our groundbreaking program, Confident Speaking for Women™.

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Fear of Public Speaking/Presenting


by Carrie Beckstrom, Chief Executive Officer, PowerSpeaking, Inc.

Last year I had the privilege of introducing a number of speakers at the Women in Tech World Series conferences. All the speakers were powerful. When it comes to courage, however, there was one woman who stood out above all the rest.

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Want to Stand Out on the Conference Scene? Learn from the Best

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On day one of the 2023 European Women in Tech Conference, Janet Maldonado, Head of Engineering, Boehringer Ingelheim, stepped onto the stage to deliver her talk, “Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Embracing Change to Thrive in the New Frontiers of Technology.”

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Want to Make a Difference? Elevate Your Communication Skills


I’ve said over and over throughout my career that improving your communication skills is a lifetime journey. You can never refine them too much.

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How to Communicate Your Value: Strategies for Women

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Because women are still fighting the headwinds of workplace inequality—and often, their own self-limiting behaviors—learning to recognize and communicate their value is crucial if they want to grow and advance.

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Learn Why and How to Use Storytelling Effectively

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I want to tell you a story about the importance of connecting as humans at the start of a meeting.

In May of 2022 our executive team gathered to talk about budgets. I was so deep in task mode when the meeting started, that I dove immediately into the topics at hand.

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Top 3 Strategies for Successful Hybrid Communication


As more Fortune 500 companies issue sweeping edicts making a return to the office mandatory, I confess, I’m surprised—and disappointed. 

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Building Your Personal Brand

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What is it that makes us decide it’s time to rethink our professional or personal goals? An unsatisfying job? A career that no longer feels “right”? A nagging sense that we’d like to contribute more to solving community—even global—issues?

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